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Early Schools

The first school in Mt. Hope was held in the kitchen of the Blake Inn, shortly after the Civil War (1861-1865). These classes were conducted by Miss Sue Warner. The following year, the classes were conducted in a tenant house on a local farm. The first school building was built in 1872. In 1897, an additional room was added to the original (one room) school building in 1897. The school was increased to six-rooms not long after the opening of several mines around the turn-of-the century. Not long afterwards, a ten-room addition and an auditorium were built. This school building burned during the Fire of 1910. After the fire, two separate schools were erected. A graded school was built with twelve rooms, auditorium, library and office and a brick high school with four large rooms and office upstairs and two basement rooms (the building later known as the "Band Building") were built in 1910. In 1925, the High School (the present-day Middle School) was moved to a newly constructed twenty-one room brick building. In 1917, a brick six-room school building was constructed for use by black students, known as DuBois High School.


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