Great Tips for Optimizing Dental Care

If you’re trying to pay attention to your dental health, then you probably know that your dentist is a great source of information. For the dentists at┬ádoctor wisdom, good dental hygiene starts at home. If you’re unsure of where to get started, these are a few expert tips your dentist wants you to know.

Start Children Early

Good dental care should start early in life. Despite education to children aimed at giving them information, almost 20% of children have tooth decay. Dentists recommend that dental care should start as early as they begin to grow teeth. This typically happens around 6 months of life. A baby’s teeth can simply be wiped with a clean cloth or a very soft brush without toothpaste. Kids can start their own dental care around two years.

Keep Your Brush Clean

Just like the dentist cleans brushes between each visit, you also need to make sure that your toothbrush stays clean. Thoroughly rinsing your brush in warm water after each use will ensure that you get rid of any particles. The dentists at typically recommend that you shouldn’t store your brush in a covered container. This can lead to breeding bacteria as they like to grow in dark, damp places. Instead, store your brush in a cup where it can air-dry between use.

Don’t Brush Too Hard or Often

Although you may think that the best way to keep your teeth from having problems is brushing regularly, you might run into problems. It’s a good idea to use a soft brush to avoid wearing down your enamel. You want to brush your teeth thoroughly but avoid using excess force to do this. You should also brush your teeth twice a day with two minutes for brushing. Although it may be tempting to brush your teeth more often, brushing every time that you eat may actually lead to wearing down your enamel, the protective coating of your teeth. It’s best to brush twice a day but use gum or mints throughout the day to keep your mouth clean and fresh.

These are a few tips for dental hygiene that your dentist wants you to know. Since it can be difficult to keep your teeth in the best shape, make sure that you also see a dentist regularly. With optimal care, your teeth will maintain their health over time so it’s well worth paying attention in this area.