Choosing The Right Food For Your Pet

We’ve all heard the phrase “We are what we eat”. However, what a lot of us don’t keep in mind is that this applies to our pets as much as it does to us. After all, food is the main source of nutrients and vitamins for all living beings, and this means that the right diet is key to ensure our pets remain healthy at all times.

But what exactly is the right diet then? How can we know we are providing our pets with the right food for their needs? Today we’ll go over that topic at length. To focus on what we should look for as owners in the food we buy for our pets, and just why this is so important.

Is dry pet food acceptable?

One of the most common questions when it comes to larger pets like cats and dogs are if dry food is an acceptable nutritional source. Of course, at the most basic level, there’s no denying that dry pet food isn’t what they would naturally eat in the wild, but this doesn’t mean we should underestimate dry food.

The simple fact is that animal and human diets aren’t equivalent, there is a lot of food we consume and dogs can’t eat for example. So cooking your meals for your dog at home isn’t responsible unless you are a nutritional expert. Meanwhile, dry food does pack all the nutrients that pets need. A pet fed solely with dry food should grow up healthy because pet food is designed to cover all their needs.

So all pet food is acceptable?

Not quite, there are two important considerations to keep in mind when choosing a food brand for your pet. First and foremost you need to pay attention to the breed and size tags in the packaging. Pet food might look the same to us, but that doesn’t mean they all pack the same nutrients. Different breeds of dogs have different nutritional needs, so if you give a labrador food that is meant for a poodle this will harm them.

On the other hand, you really should pay attention to the ingredients as well. The best kind of pet food for carnivores like pets and dogs should include a lot of protein. Steer away from foods that are mostly grain-based. And if you see a seal of quality in the packaging, research it online to see if it does mean something.

Where can I find good pet food?

Our recommendation for all your pet shopping needs will always be Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies. The team at Centinela keeps a great stock of food with high-quality brands like The Honest Kitchen and Lotus. And on top of that their website offers delivery so you can buy from the comfort of your home. It’s more quality for your pet and less hassle for you.